Comparing the Two Ecommerce Giants

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Comparing the Two Ecommerce Giants

Ecommerce websites are managed through an ecommerce platform which is a software system where online merchants can build and host websites and manage their products and prices. Consumers are able to buy products and services online through this system. This is particularly required for large and profitable businesses where the management of products becomes difficult and they require a strong platform.

Two of the leading ecommerce platforms in the market are Shopify plus and Magneto.

Comparing Magento and Shopify

Running on another server managing the designs of a website, Shopify is a fully hosted solution. It is a user-friendly platform where there is a single web interface present and numerous lines of codes do not need to be written. It also allows automatic updates through the external server. This however reduces the flexibility to customization as you are restricted from access to the code running the website.

On the other hand, Magento is an ecommerce platform that is open-source as well as self-hosted. This feature allows users to control the designing of their website without any limitations, however, the software is complex to use and cannot be used by someone who is not aware of the different programming languages.

If we compare the prices of both the platforms, Shopify provides a lot of features including licensing and support at a fixed price of $2000 per month. It also offers a free 14 day trial as well as various price plans starting from $29 per month. Whereas, with Magento, only the cost of licensing and support starts from $2000 per month

Both the ecommerce platforms provide support to customers 24/7, through call, email and live chat sessions. Shopify also publishes blogs or articles written by professionals in order to be of help to new users.

Most people prefer opting for Shopify due to its simple user-interface. You can easily set up your online store with just a few clicks. With Magento, it is an altogether different story. Shopify also provides 100+ themes to customers (both paid and unpaid).

Magento has an added advantage that it offers way more plug-ins and apps than Shopify. However, with Shopify, you can easily choose the language you want to view the website in. Also, it supports various payment options like credit cards and visa.

Thus, when it comes to selecting one ecommerce platform for your business, Shopify is a good option to go for.

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