Here’s why you need to migrate to Shopify Plus

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Here’s why you need to migrate to Shopify Plus

The Ecommerce platform you choose once you are at an Enterprise level governs the success of your business. Just because your current platform suits you right now, doesn’t mean it will do so at an Enterprise level.

When people think of the best Enterprise Ecommerce platform 2019 has to offer, they are bound to think of two solutions. This includes Magento and Shopify Plus. Whether you are currently using Magento or thinking of migrating to it, we are here to tell you not to do so. Instead, you must migrate to Shopify Plus. Here is why.

1.You get dedicated hosting and site security

There are two things you need for a quality experience. Site security and a quality hosting. Shopify Plus succeeds in delivering it both. The problem with Magento is that you have to pay separately for hosting. It is not included in your annual fee. You need to perform the task of finding a hosting on your own. This requires a lot of resources and knowledge about coding. However, in the case of Shopify Plus, all of it is taken care of since the platform delivers dedicated hosting as part of its services. While Magento relies on you for PCI compliance as well, Shopify Plus takes care of this responsibility as well.

2.Integrating the platform with the third-party app is easy

Magento is known for the plethora of apps that it can integrate with. You can’t compete with Magento in this respect. However, at the same time, it is also true that setting up these third-party apps are quite a hassle in Magento. Again, you must know how to code them into your platform, which is something everyone doesn’t know how to do. In contrast to this, Shopify Plus might offer less integration but the integration it does deliver is straightforward to set up. So, regarding convenience, Shopify Plus wins the battle.

3.The customer experience is excellent

Shopify Plus is relatively new. Yet, it has succeeded in gaining a high market share. This doesn’t mean that it is perfect. It just means that it has been successful in impressing the masses. One reason why it has managed to do is that of its excellent customer experience. In case something goes wrong, the developers are quick to respond. This ensures consistency and quality in your online store.


Choose Shopify Plus. You won’t be disappointed with the benefits it brings along with it.

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